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Fly to Ski, Aosta, January 2022


This article describes a fly to ski meet-up. Normally these are difficult to organise because so many things need to come together at the same time. The first factor is that the weather around the airport needs to be excellent.

Here is a glossary for non-aviation readers.

I have a small electronic business and due to being super-busy at work during 2021/2022, I have not had the time to write a detailed standalone article, so I am linking to a thread on the EuroGA forum which has most of the details - here. I hope to get back to doing my normal writeups during 2023.



An oxygen system is practically necessary for IFR in the Eurocontrol system, for anything involving flight over the Alps (except, marginally, flying in the canyons, which I don't do). Occassionally, the weather is nice and one can fly at FL090 or so but most people would still get tired after several hours. Also many routings are not available below oxygen levels, due to controlled airspace structures, and in some cases terrain.

On this entire trip the usage was around 20% of the 48 cu. ft. cylinder, for 1 person. Without oxygen, this trip is difficult. It is possible to reach Aosta from the north by flying at around 10000ft, or more easily from the south via the canyon which leads to it.

The Value of an IR

The flights described could have been done under VFR, on similar routes, but probably with more "negotiation" enroute. And you would need to get enroute notams, very carefully, because ATC will not generally be looking after you. The real value of an IR is not to fly in IMC; it is the fact that ATC works with you rather than (as so often) against you, so you get access to airspace and altitudes where you can fly in sunshine.


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