From the FAA IR to JAA IR conversion requirements, LASORS 2006:

"Undertake JAR-IR(A) theoretical knowledge instruction as determined by the Head of Training of an approved training provider and pass all JAR-FCL theoretical knowledge examinations at IR level. Applicants who wish to attempt the ATPL(A) examinations must undertake the full 650 hour course of approved theoretical knowledge instruction and pass all JAR-FCL ATPL(A) examinations"

(my bold)

ie. its entirely down to the Head of Training at your school whether you have to attend the mandatory ground school. The bit about the ATPL is that if you are trying to meet the IR theoretical knowledge requirements by taking the JAA ATPL exams then you must do the full ATPL groundschool. But, if it is a straight conversion (ie. you take only the JAA IR exams) then there is no minimum or mandatory ground school.


Last edited 12th March 2006