Running AFPEx without a web browser

The login link merely downloads a little loader file called "ats.xjnlp.jnlp" which in turn loads the main Java application.

To run AFPEx without using a web browser, one saves the loader file to one's Desktop (or anywhere else that is convenient) and double-clicks on it. Simple!

The procedure for this follows:

Firstly, configure Windows Explorer to show the full file extension. By default, Windows Explorer does not show the file type (e.g. .exe .doc .pdf etc). This confuses the hell out of lots of people. In Windows Explorer go to Tools / Folder Options / View and uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types. Click OK.

Go to the above Afpex login, right-click on the Login link, select Save Link As, and it should offer to save the file


to the place you choose - in this case choose Desktop. This is the loader.

Usually, however, there is a problem launching the loader directly under Windows (due to file associations not set up for .xjnlp) so rename it to


Double-clicking on the loader file (the icon should be on your desktop) should download the big (3.6MB) AFPEx Java application. The big download should occur only once; after that the cached copy should execute instead and the application should start in several seconds.


This page last edited 14 October 2009.