Please email in plain text. My email software (non-Microsoft) cannot display HTML-only emails and I have to copy/paste them to a web browser.

I am not on LinkedIn. All emails from are deleted by my email server.


Obviously I am very happy to answer any specific questions relating to material on this site. However, if you have questions of general nature on some nontrivial topic (e.g. EASA or FAA regulations) or want to ask for opinions on a potential aircraft purchase, please instead post them here:

I get many emails to which the only proper answer would take ages to type up and I simply do not have the time. EuroGA is a highly informative aviation forum which is full of experienced pilots from all over Europe and elsewhere. It was started in October 2012 by myself and another instrument rated pilot. It is a properly moderated community where offensive behaviour (which has destroyed most other European aviation forums) does not exist, so you can ask question without worrying about getting flamed, etc. We welcome all pilots, from PPL students to the most experienced jet pilots. To post on EuroGA, go to the Sign In link and create an identity. There is no requirement to use full names.

For aircraft type specific matters we have a dedicated Aircraft section. There is also a Marketplace section where for a very small charge you can advertise anything from handheld GPSs to whole aircraft.

Please support EuroGA. It will only ever be as good as the people who participate on it. It is donation funded and has no advertising.


This page last edited 7th September 2022