Honeywell KLN94 GPS Failure

The unit was found to be not working while still on the ground at LIPU (Padova, Italy), at 0700 UTC on 9th September 2006. As the images show, there does not appear to be a problem with satellite reception, and no space vehicles had been disabled. Power cycling didn't do anything. It came to life again by itself after about 1 hour, at an altitude of about 14,000ft.

Two other GPS receivers were working fine throughout. One of these used an Emtac bluetooth GPS receiver fed from its own rooftop antenna (same type of antenna as the KLN94 uses); the other was an HP4700 PDA with a compactflash GPS of unknown origin (from Ebay). The PDA GPS showed perfectly normal satellite geometry with about a dozen satellites being available.

What could cause the KLN94 to behave this way?

Edit 5/2007: it appears that this was a glitch caused by it getting confused about the satellite configuration, probably as a result of the internal memory getting corrupted. The curious thing is that it took about 1 hour to recover.


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