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This is a very brief list of stations that operate the "stormscope" receivers. There are many of these sites, easily found by doing a Google on "stormvue" or "boltek" or "astrogenic". You can do an Advanced Search and add a URL e.g. ".de" for German sites.

NOTE: this data is not weather radar (which detects water droplets). This data represents lightning discharges detected using a technology called "sferics". One can have severe turbulence without any discharges (common enough), and one can have lightning discharges without turbulence (rare if the discharges are heavily grouped). The range data can also be wrong by a factor of two; however, some of the sites below are presenting data correlated from multiple stations and this should give accurate range.

There is a trade body called OPERA which seeks to put together weather radar feeds for commercial sale. They used to have a list of weather radar links on their site but removed them in 2006... Radar data is valuable commercial property, apparently. Nevertheless, radar data feeds are gradually appearing on the internet. The biggest one is Meteox and a few others are listed here.

When it comes to sferics, there is more choice of free data. The best sources are amateur groups of people who have sited the radio receivers in their gardens and feed the data into central servers where it is triangulated for position. The two main websites for this are Blitzortung and Astrogenic. Their sites are similar but the data is usually slightly different. Blitzortung used to support a nice Java viewer (connecting direct to their server) but this was terminated in July 2009.

In 2015, Blitzortung is the main sferics site which covers all of Europe and is very accurate.

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